Self-Care Recharge with a Dose of Color

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

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Art Therapy Rx | Self Care Recharge with a Dose of Color: An art therapy activity to address stress and discuss coping skills for physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing. [Disponible en Español]

Self-care is important more than ever at this time. I decided to create this post to address this topic not only for our clients but also for myself and all my fellow therapists who follow this blog. The activity that will be covered in this post is a self-care check- in. I invite you to complete the activity and reconnect with yourself. I personally have felt my energy has definitely been much lower nowadays.

When we do not care for ourselves the consequences can be widespread in our lives. In the case of this pandemic, we are being called to find a balance in managing our own emotions and difficulties during this time while also holding space for our clients. This is why we must practice what we preach to our clients, and also find ways to recharge as mental health professionals!

This Art Therapy Rx prescription called, "Self-Care Recharge", is focused on measuring the current state of energy in each area of one's life (i.e physical, emotional, social, and spiritual). When using this activity with a client, it is important to provide a little psychoeducation regarding each area of self-care before starting this activity.

The following prompts can be used to explain each of the 4 areas of self-care

in order to provide an understanding of how to complete the worksheet.

How do you care for your body?

How do you express and manage feelings?

How do you stay connected with others?

What makes you feel loved, supported, and cared for?