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Superheroes & Art Therapy | Books & Therapy Activities

A few weeks ago, I read a book called "Primer, A Superhero Graphic Novel" by Jennifer Muro and Thomas Krajewski. This graphic novel utilizes the superhero archetype with art, creativity, and strength. This graphic novel has inspired this blog article! Primer is a superhero who uses her powers, creativity, and imagination to express her feelings, manage stress, and fight crime! To learn how to use this wonderful book in therapy keep scrolling!

Art Therapy Rx: Superhero bibliotherapy and art therapy make for super resources! Digital downloads included!

In this article I will cover the following:

Bibliotherapy suggestion including, Primer: A Graphic Novel and other superhero themed therapy books, children's books, & games! I will also provide Two FREE online resources to create digital comic books, printable comic books templates, and digital graffiti wall activity! A printable Art Therapy Rx script will outline how to use the above activities in therapy!

Welcome back to my blog! I can't wait to tell you about this awesome superhero! She is an amazing superhero that I have grown to adore! She is strong, fierce, creative, expressive, and artistic! She is an art therapist's dream!

Primer A Superhero Graphic Novel:

Primer is about a teenage girl who uses graffiti art to express herself. Ashley has gone through many difficult experiences in her life. Her father is incarcerated and she has been from foster home to foster home. Ashley is taken in by a new family who appears to be loving and caring, very different from other foster parents in the past.

Ashley begins to warm up to the family. She discovers that her new foster dad loves to paint and has an art studio. Ashely is invited to use this studio to express herself and avoid getting into trouble tagging the city in graffiti. Ashley is excited to start using the studio and for the first time, she feels she is with a kind and understanding family.

Ashley's foster mom works in a lab and she is working on a top-secret war paint project. Her mom brings the suitcase of paints home to hide in an attempt to stop the labs from using the paints. She finds the paints have very strong powers that in the wrong hands can be very destructive.

Ashley finds the paints one day mistaking them as a possible gift that was hidden from her for her birthday. She begins using the paints and to her surprise begins to experience the paints super powers. I will let you read the rest on your own!

Bibliotherapy Themes & Ideas:

There are a few themes in this book that I find very useful. This book can be very relatable for any teenage girl facilitating discussions in therapy regarding strengths, empowerment, coping, art for self-expression, and personal uniqueness. In addition, this novel touches on experiences growing up in foster care and family incarceration.

This graphic novel is full of color and it does an amazing job of touching on different themes in lightly. The book can be read in fairly quickly as it is mostly pictures and stays true to a comic book style. I was inspired by this novel to create two therapy resources!

I created printable comic book strip templates that you can download and use with your clients.

I also found two FREE digital resources to create comic strips online via &

Click on the links to be directed to each resource! If you need a tutorial on book Creator click here to check out a past blog post about this awesome resource.

The link above for Make Beliefs Comix will direct you to the sites tutorial to create your own comic!

The last resources are digital Canva templates to create a graffiti wall! Canva is completely free and you can use a variety of digital elements to create artwork. This activity can be used to help clients express their feelings in a new way!

And finally, I added links here to bibliotherapy resources via and if you are interested in finding other superhero books and resources for younger clients!

Lots and lots of really cool stuff here! Make sure to subscribe to get all three FREEBIES Below!

I had so much fun with this one! I can't wait for you all to try these resources out! I hope these resources take your therapy session up, up, and away!

Until next time,

Take a look at all FREE Resources provided for this activity! Just click the Subscribe banner below so I know where to send these!


Disclaimer: This information is not intended to be utilized as a form of self-help, personal clinical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The content on this blog is meant for educational purposes and to provide clinical art therapy directives/resources for trained mental health professionals. This information is by no means a substitute for therapy.

Affiliate/Earning Disclaimer: Lauren Graham is an affiliate of the and Amazon Associates. As an affiliate/associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases that are made by clicking on the affiliate links provided in this post. I only recommend products that I believe to be valuable and purchasing through my links is the same as shopping through each site. The only difference is you will be supporting my future work and allowing me to continue creating free quality content for you. Thank you!

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