Feeling & Connecting: Using a Little Color to Express Our Inner World

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

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Art Therapy Rx-Connecting & Feeling: Using a Little Color to Express Our Inner World [Resumen en Español al final de esta publicación]

Welcome back to another colorful post! I am sharing today an art therapy classic that I have remixed just for you! This post today is about incorporating scaling, cognitive work, and a classic body outline into the art therapy process. I originally intended to create a simple check-in handout but ended up with a 3 part activity that can be used to guide your entire session.

This activity is versatile, the worksheet can serve to bring awareness to present feeling states; facilitate cognitive processing; provide psychoeducation on measuring the intensity of feelings; provide a channel for the creative process; facilitate discussion on coping skills and/or stress and relaxation responses in the body; or aid in introducing the topic of the mind-body connection.

This intervention is seemingly straight forward, however, you will be surprised to learn that this activity can guide the session in various directions depending on the client's unique presenting concerns.

This art therapy activity is an opportunity to invite the client to begin expressing and processing emotions as well as connecting this awareness to how their body is also affected by the experience. Our feelings are energies and I believe they are often best expressed via lines, shapes, and colors. Art allows us with a tool to symbolize these feelings. It's a powerful experience to visualize how feelings influence not only our minds but also our bodies. When using this activity, also provide psychoeducation on the topic of feelings as visitors. Many times clients try to contain, ignore, or hold on to feelings. It's important to "feel it" and understand it and let it pass through us, especially when dealing with difficult feelings.