Resources About Diversity & Acceptance for Therapy

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Sharing therapy resources on anti-racisim, diversity and acceptance. A combination of bibliotherapy, art therapy, and play therapy can be very beneficial in broaching such topics with children.

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Art Therapy Blog | The Primed Canvas | Art Therapy Rx Series -How to talk to children about racism and diversity? I am addressing anti-racism, acceptance, and celebrating diversity in therapy with children in this blog post. Bibliotherapy, art and play therapy resources to help with this needed discussion.
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Our world, as we know, has continued to undergo painful changes. It has been disheartening to see protests, riots, and violence unfolding around us. It is equally upsetting to hear clients speak on what they see in the news and how concerned they are. As therapists, we need to provide support and discuss topics related to kindness, acknowledging differences, and embracing those differences among one another.

Art Therapy Rx Blog Series | Blog # 12 Addressing the topics of diversity and racism through bibliotherapy and art therapy.

1. "A Kid's Book About Racism" by Jelani Memory

I have searched for resources to use in therapy a lot lately! I have found a few children's books that address the topics of diversity and anti-racism beautifully. My absolute favorite is A Kid's Book About Racism by Jelani Memory. This book is simple and very clear in providing an understanding of racism. The book follows the story of a boy named, Jelani, who is experiencing racism. The character identified to be of mixed descent. The book offers the character's experience of being bullied and enduring microaggressions. I love this book because it focuses on the characters' experience, and it facilitates awareness and empathy. I highly recommend this one! Besides this book, I also recommend a few other titles in the series the are great companions to this discussion of diversity and racism. I have included the book titles below. These are kindle editions, which I find to be easy to incorporate into your telehealth sessions. You can download the kindle app free and share your screen to read the books together in session. 

2. "Skin Again" by Bell Hooks

This book is simple yet powerful. Skin Again, by Bell Hooks is about learning to acknowledge differences and invites the reader to learn that we must not ever judge others by their exterior. Hooks teaches the reader to instead focus on learning about the other's heart. It encourages us to look so much deeper than what the eye can see. This book is very artsy, and it's very kid-friendly.  

3. "The Skin You Live" In by Michael Tyler